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unable to get my 8 and 10 year oldto eat veggies other than corn whatdo I do?

Be patient! It is difficult to get children to eat their fruits and veggies! It is important to keep trying! Try a new seasoning on your fruits and vegetables to make them more appealing, include a new fruit or vegetable in food that they already enjoy and set a good example by eating a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Your children are at a great age to help with cooking. Ask them to help make lunch or dinner with you every once in awhile. This may get them more excited about eating their fruits and veggies! Try one of our healthy recipes that meet our strict criteria. Your children are also at a great age to start learning out about why fruits and vegetables are important. Try explaining how they can give them energy to play outside with their friends, pay attention in school and how they can help them maintain a healthy weight. Our P.A.C.K Week program is a great activity to try with your children and provides lots of kid-friendly activities that teach you child about the importance of a healthy diet!
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