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Under What’s in season? Spring you listed under Radicchio, Ramps what are Ramps I have not herd of this before I didn’t know if this was a mistake or if there really is a fruit or vegetable called Ramps!Thank you, Becky

Ramps are indeed a vegetable. They are often called wild leeks and this may be why you have not heard of them. They are a wild onion native to North America and they resemble a scallion. They are grown from South Carolina to Canada and found in most grocery stores in the spring. The flavor and odor of ramps is often compared to a combination of onions and garlic. They can be substituted in any recipe calling for onions or scallions. They are typically added into soups, egg dishes, potato dishes, casseroles and potato dishes. Substitute ramps for the onions in this Spanish Omlete recipe!  
Thank you!
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