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unsupportive Spouse

Our family started drinking Monavie. It contains the recommended daily servings of fruits in just two daily two oz servings. My three kids even love it.

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  1. 4 ounces of this product may equal 1 serving of fruit, but it won’t really be equivalent. You will miss the fiber and lots of vitamins and minerals. 4 ounces a day only gives you 80 calories no protein and none of the fiber and none of the essential fatty acids they glorify acai for having. Very expensive and full of nothing. When was the last time you saw any juice with only 2% of Vitamin C in a serving? Add this to the long line of gimmicks American are faced with daily.

  2. 4 ounces a day of Monavie might count for 1 serving of fruits if at all. You get 80 calories, 0 protein, and none of the healthy fiber or fatty acids the company glorifies acai for containing. You will get only 8% of the vitamin C for a day, when was the last time you saw that? I think even Sunny D has more vitamin C. This is a gimmick. This gives you an easy out. Typical gimmick for the American public to stumble on. Eat real fruit and get real benefits.

  3. Just try the real thing. It will set a better example for your children than taking a short-cut. Ideally, you want your kids to reach for fresh produce when they are hungry…not for a synthesized “food”.

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