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Unsupportive Spouse

My husband just isn’t a big fan of fruits and vegetables, so he doesn’t set a good example. "If Dad doesn’t have to eat his vegetables, why should I?" Now what?

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  1. Not sure abt the age of the kid, but u cud certainly educate the kid abt the importance of the veggies. Like when u see a carrot, tell him/her abt all the good qualities abt it, ask them whether they would prefer to eat carrot or wear glasses, lense, have eye problems,take medication for life, etc, etc…i am sure they would understand whats better for them. Create fun recipes for them, if older enough ask them how would they like to have the veggies like spinach would they like to have it in salad, or in burgers instead of lettuce, or in pasta…if given option they would like to have their pick. Hope some of these things help!!!

  2. My husband is the same way. He will only eat corn, potatoes, and ketchup (if ketchup REALLY counts as a veggie). But, he likes sauces, so I put chunky sauces or even whole vegetables into the blender until they’re smooth for a sauce (chunky spaghetti sauce, salsas… which even come with fruit mixed in them such as pineapple and peaches). You can have sauce over noodles, chicken breasts, mixed with rice, just get creative. He also likes homemade orange julius (which you can make with any kind of fruit juice concentrate… just add less sugar if you have a sweeter fruit).

  3. I think it’s hard to find good, easy recipes for vegetables. I’ve found a few, and it helps to know you can cook something really tasty that everyone will like.

    My daughter likes steamed broccoli with butter. I’ve made hollandaise sauce (from the packet) that I love, but she’s happy with just butter. Plain is best for kids, it seems.

    It seems like the simplest recipes make veggies taste the best, though.

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