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Why do my vegetable flowers bloom then fall off with no harvest?


Q. We planted Kentucky Wonder beans, crock neck squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes this spring. We have beautiful plants, they are green big and healthy but they are not producing any fruit. What can we do. They bloom and then the flower falls off. We were so excited about eating vegetables we watered, fertilized, weeded but nothing. What can we do, what is wrong. Please help.


A. Your vegetable plants may have experienced “blossom-drop.” This can occur in many vegetable types including tomatoes, squash, snap beans, and cucumbers. The blossoms fall off due to stress related conditions. Potential stressors include too much water, excess nitrogen in fertilizers, dry windy conditions, and temperature extremes. The stress leads to non-viable pollen which prevents pollination and subsequently the bloom dies and falls off.  For gardening tips and advice visit our Vegetable Garden How-to-Guide and contact your state’s Cooperative Extension office.  Check our Fruit & Veggie Recipe Database often for a variety of vegetable based meals, snacks and side dishes.



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