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veggie milkshake

I make "milkshakes" for my 4 year old almost every day and he loves them. It’s made of frozen berries, frozen bananas, frozen rice milk, Naked brand green juice (broccoli/wheat grass/algae), a large handful of fresh spinach, flax oil, carrot juice, frozen cubes of pumpkin and sweet potato, Splenda, milk and Ghirradelli powdered chocolate all in a blender. It tastes like a chocolate berry shake and it’s wonderful. He doesn’t like veggies and it makes me feel better to serve this while I’m waiting for his tastes to mature.

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  1. I love your “shake” you make for your toddler! You have great, immaginative ingredients. I want to suggest you find a more natural sweetener; Splenda has great marketing, but it is chemicals and artifical. There is not enough real research on Splenda to feed it to kids, muchless adults. If you are looking for a non-caloric natural sweetener, try Stevia – it is plant-based. Otherwise try Sucanat, honey (if old enough) or black strap molasses.

  2. I agree with Tyler regarding the use of Splenda. As a nationwide health educator & wellness coordinator for healthcare professionals, this is one of the “questionable” substances that I recommend everyone avoid. My sister is diabetic and she knows never to use Splenda or Aspartame. Chemical sweeteners are not health-promoting, and should especially be removed from children’s diets including beverages, supplements and over-the-counter meds. I also work with a large Autistic patient base and this is one of the first “offenders” I remove from the diet. Tyler’s suggestion of Stevia is a better choice. It’s good to see mothers such as yourself promoting a plant-based healthy diet! Keep up the goodt work. Together we can make a difference. Thanks! :)

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