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Ways to Get More

  1. Use applesauce cups as a dip for other cut up fruit.

  2. Applesauce replaces 1/2 cup of fat in recipes for many baked goods.

  3. Moms, don’t forget that applesauce cups are a quick snack and easy to pack in lunches.

  4. Add one more! Add beans to salads, vegetable soup.

  5. Add one more! Use your food processor to chop vegetables up finely and add to soup, quesadillas.

  6. Add one more! Use cut up veggies to beef up meatloaf and soups.

  7. Add one more! Use tomato juice as broth for veggie soup.

  8. Add one more! Use frozen 100% juice in smoothies.

  9. Add one more! Toss raisins into baked goods, yogurt or oatmeal.

  10. Add one more! Include onions, peppers and mushrooms in omelets.

  11. Add one more! Use fruit in gelatin for a colorful dessert.

  12. Add one more! Put fruit in your salad.

  13. Add one more! Include lettuce, tomato, onions on all your sandwiches and wraps.

  14. Add one more! Top your pizza with your favorite veggies.

  15. Add one more! Begin your day with 100% juice and a piece of fruit – that’s more right from the start!

  16. Add one more! Cut up veggies like carrots, zucchini and potatoes. Add them to your favorite meatloaf or soup recipes.

  17. Add one more! Add a handful of fresh or frozen berries to your glass of 100% juice – mix in a blender with an ice cube or two for a great smoothie!

  18. Add one more! Add spinach (fresh, canned or frozen) to your favorite pasta dishes!

  19. Add one more! Chop up left-over veggies and add to quesadillas!

  20. Add one more! Kick up your salads by adding an additional green, such as spinach!

  21. Add one more! Give your favorite sandwich and wraps a boost. Top with lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, shredded carrots – get creative and be healthy!

  22. Add one more! Give your omelets a boost by adding a handful of chopped veggies like peppers, onions, mushrooms.

  23. Add one more! Making gelatin? Don’t forget to add fruit. Berries, grapes, peaches, pears, mandarin oranges are always favorites!

  24. Add one more! Add fresh fruit to your salads – oranges, grapes, kiwi and avocado are naturals!

  25. Add one more! Grilling out? Don’t forget to grill sliced veggies and fruit for a tasty treat! Brush veggies with canola oil and grill for only a couple of minutes on each side over medium heat.

  26. Add one more! Top breakfast cereal with a serving of fresh fruit. It’s a family favorite and a great, easy way to add more fruit to your family’s day!

  27. Add one more! Mash bananas and add to oatmeal, pancakes and waffles!

  28. Add one more! Substitute spaghetti squash for regular spaghetti. Top with tomato sauce for a delicious and healthy meal.

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