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We are a small charitable/church food pantry without deep pockets. We were impressed with the extensive list and list of favorite vegetable and fruit found on your web site. Our question is, with limited space, funds and volunteers; is there a way we can rearrange the vegetable and fruit lists from alphabetical to most notorious at the top of the list to least nourishing at the bottom of the list. We understand that all of them are nourishing to some degree or another, however there is no way we can provide the bulk of those listed. We are trying to do the same with meat with no success. Thank you.

As you stated, each fruit and vegetable provides its only unique combination of nutrients. While some fruits and vegetables provide a large variety of vitamins and minerals than others, all are equally as beneficial. When selecting which fruits and vegetables to provide to your consumers, I would suggest choosing ones with a larger variety of vitamins and minerals, and offering a variety of colors and forms,. Our What’s in ½ a Cup Chart shows the vitamins and minerals in the 25 most popular fruits and vegetables. You can also find this information under each fruit and vegetable listing in our Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition Database. Make sure to provide recipes for these fruits and vegetables too, to give your consumers delicious new ways to try all of the varieties you choose to offer. Our Top 10 Lists also provide new ways to consume many popular fruits and vegetables too!

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