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We are currently participating in a wellness program at the company where I work. Please give me some recipes and/or tips for healthy snacks when you are dealing with a large group of people. I know soups and things of that nature would work well for luncheons, but we are in a bind as to what to present to our employees other that would be healthy and feasible to prepare for about 80 people. Thank you in advance for your time. Kim Pope

Soups and salads work well for large numbers of people, as you said. Vegetable casseroles (like vegetable lasagna) and stews with extra vegetables can also be healthy choices, as can pasta dishes made with extra veggies. For example, adding wilted greens, red kidney beans, garlic and olive oil to pasta makes a tasty and attractive dish. Veggie wraps, grilled vegetable sandwiches, pitas stuffed with vegetables and pizza piled high with veggies are also appealing. While we do not currently offer high volume recipes, you can click here for healthy recipes. For healthy snacks consider fresh fruit or vegetable trays that include unusual ingredients- like marinated vegetables, stuffed mushroom caps or grilled tomatoes. A bean dip, hummus or mango salsa with baked chips also makes a good snack. Click here for great tips on increasing fruits and vegetables.

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  1. Hi ,its interesting to visit your site which is really had a great explanation on the pasta .That look lovely going through your site.This looks really good and I can see how it could be expanded if you had to feed a few people.

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