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We have a three year old who only wants to eat noodles with butter on them. Help! Do you have any suggestions or good reading references for the stubborn toddler?

Feeding toddlers is sometimes a challenge! Eating a limited number of foods is common in young children, and this too shall pass. Try not to make meal time a battleground, and ask your toddler to try one bite of other foods you have available at meals. Remember that you may have to offer a food 15 or more times before kids are willing to taste it. Add nutritious snacks, such as fruits and vegetables, proteins, such as hard boiled eggs, cheese or peanut butter between meals, and don’t let him/her fill up on milk or juice at mealtime. You can find tips on helping kids eat more fruits and vegetables here, and suggestions from other moms here. You can also find helpful information on feeding picky eaters at websites including Web MD®, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Nemours Foundation.

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