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What are some examples of fruits and vegetables that are high in magnesium and examples of some that are good sources of magnesium? Why are high iron foods and low sodium foods good for you?

Magnesium is a nutrient that the Dietary Guidelines for Americans has highlighted as one of concern due to many people not getting enough of it in their diets.  Magnesium is important to us because it supports normal muscle and nerve function, a steady heart rhythm and a healthy immune system.  Generally, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, some beans, unrefined grains and nuts are the highest in magnesium; meats and milk are also dietary sources, but not to that level, and refined foods have very little.  See how certain foods rank with their magnesium content according to the DGA by clicking here and scrolling down to Table D1-7.  This document also displays other key nutrients as well—search for other nutrients of interest as well.



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