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What counts as a serving for an adult, and for a child?

A serving size for an adult is generally ½ cup. The serving size for a child depends on the child’s age and can be anywhere from a few tablespoons (for infants) to a half cup.

The total amount of fruits and vegetables needed every day will vary based on sex, age and activity level.  Don’t forget that all forms count-fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice all count towards your daily recommendations.  Fresh, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables all have interchangeable measurements which is one-half a cup.  It takes a full cup of lettuce and leafy greens to make a serving. A serving of dried fruits and vegetables is ¼ cup. For 100% fruit or vegetable juice, ½ cup, or 4 ounces equals a serving. When you see how much of a fruit or a vegetable is a cup or half cup, you’ll know that getting your recommended amounts each day is easy! For example, 1 large banana or 8 strawberries equals one cup, while 5 broccoli florets or 6 baby carrots equals one-half cup. For more examples of what equals a ½ cup or cup, go to:  If that is too hard to remember, one easy rule of thumb is that almost half of what you eat everyday should be fruits or veggies (we count beans as a veggie, too).  So 1/2 of your diner plate; ½ of your cereal bowl; ½ of your sack-lunch; ½ of your snacks should be fruits and veggies.

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