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What fruits can a diabetic eat and how many or how much?

The foods that make up a healthy diet for most people are the same foods that people managing with diabetes should choose. That includes choosing a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are carbohydrates, and carbohydrates will impact blood sugar levels more so than protein or fat. So, an important dietary consideration for all people managing with diabetes is to eat at regular times and control the amount of carbohydrate eaten at each meal and snack. If carbohydrate intake is monitored and spread out evenly throughout the day, most any food—including delicious fruits—can be included. You can get more information about diabetes from the American Diabetes Association’s website (

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  1. i eat at night while in bed whats the best fruit for me to snack on that wont raise my blood sugar im diabetic and my teeth are bad so its hard to chew on things like apples

  2. Why dont people get 2 the point about diabetic people. Ive been asking what the best kinds of fruit a diabetic can eat. Not people without diabetes. But they still talk about the people that dont have diabetes. Im type 2 diabetic and i need 2 know what kinds of fruit i can have. I know they say u can have all fruit, but what i mean is which 1’s are the best 4 a diabetic 2 eat. The safest fruit 4 me 2 eat thats what i want 2 know. Can someone please help me out here i dont know what 2 go by. First they say i cant eat fruit cause its full of sugar. Then they say that i can have fruit cause its natural sugar. So whats the differents sugar is sugar, and why would u wanna offer food 2 a diabetic if it has sugar in it. And how much fruit can u eat per day if u can have fruit. Thank u 4 ur help!!!

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