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What kind of holiday drink mix would be healthiest? Many people serve the spiced cider, with Apple juice now in question…what other mixes can be bought or made at home to substitute for a nice winter hot drink? I lke to give gifts of this sort at Christmastime!

Try these holiday drinks:

  1. Warm Fruit Cider. Try a hand at making your own fruit cider. Choose recipes that call for only a small amount of sugar. And add some sliced fruit!
  2. Punch. Combine a variety of 100% juices with a diet soda (such as Fresca) and frozen fruit instead of ice!
  3. Cran-licious Smoothie. Cranberries are in season! Whirl up this kid-friendly recipe from our Cool Fuel Cookbook for Kids—ready in 5 minutes! See Recipe
  4. Pear Nog. Try a sweeter nog with less calories and fat this year. You won’t feel guilty having another glass! Recipe: Pear Nog
  5. Holiday Fizz. Combine seltzer water or sparkling water with any 100% juice concentrate. Kids love these and you can even have them create their own. Recipe: Grapefruit Fizz

Try preparing any of your favorite holiday drinks with low fat methods, such as using egg whites and low-fat or fat-free cream for egg nog, low-fat or fat-free milk for hot chocolate, or using diet sodas. For more health holiday dishes, visit our healthy entertaining guide—it has healthy gift ideas too! We create a new one each season, so be sure to check back!

As for apple juice, when it comes to apples, and all fruits and vegetables, More Matters for your health! So prepare your fruits and veggies any way you like—juiced, sliced, and more! What really matters is that you are eating the daily recommendation to provide your body with the best combination of beneficial nutrients! Read more about arsenic in apple juice to put it into perspective.

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