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What vegetables are good to help lower triglycerides ?

Including all fruits and vegetables in your diet in place of other foods that increase triglycerides in the blood is beneficial.  There are no specific vegetables that will lower triglycerides.  Some vegetables, such as legumes, contain soluble fiber that may help to lower cholesterol, but they do not appear to affect triglyceride levels in the blood.  General recommendations to lower triglycerides include losing weight if you are overweight, eating foods that are low in fat, limiting added sugar and alcohol, and maintaining an active lifestyle.  If your triglycerides are high, you may benefit by consulting a registered dietitian (go to who can help you identify foods that may be contributing to elevated triglycerides in the blood. 


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  1. Not very useful info. You do not mention which vegatables and fruits are particularly effective in lowering tryglyceride levels or which ones must be avoided or excluded from one’s diet.

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