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When are eggplant and beets ready to harvest? How will I know?

Beets: Beets are really a matter of personal preference when it comes to the right size for harvesting. They are ready any time after you see the beets shoulders protruding at the soil line. It usually takes about 2 months after planting before they are fully grown.
Eggplant: Pick when the fruit is no more than 3-5" long or 4" in diameter, and before the skin loses its luster. Slightly immature fruits taste best. The fruits should be firm and shiny. Cut rather than pulling from the plant. It usually takes about 2 ½ months after planting before they are fully grown.
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  1. We live in S. Texas and have 4 plants of eggplants that only made 5-6 large fruit up to now but now are full of blooms and 11 small fruit. Before fruit was large but these are 3″ diameter and smaller. I picked one because so many on the plants. How can I tell if it’s ripe?

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