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Whenever i start consuming alcohol i then start to grow fat though with regular excercise. What do i do?

Weight gain is related to consuming more calories than you are expending. Many people who consume a lot of alcohol tend to put on weight for many reasons. These include, not realizing how many calories they are consuming and not making healthy food choices after consuming a few alcoholic beverages. A light beer usually contains around 100 calories per beer (12 oz), but mixed drinks, like margaritas, can contain up to 500 calories per drink. Therefore it is easy to over indulged and not even know that you are consuming so many calories. Just remember to consume in moderation those foods that are higher in fat and calories. Be aware of the quantity of alcohol you are consuming and make sure that you are not over indulging. This should help to manage your weight. On the other hand, you can indulge in fruits and veggies! They are full of fiber and water which promotes a healthy weight by keeping you feeling fuller for longer! Fruits and veggies are also naturally low in calories too! See all the ways fruits and veggies can help with you weight management routine!
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