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Where can I find a list of slow carb food. Thanks

I’m assuming you mean “low” carb here.  First, a little background on carbohydrates…

 Carbohydrates are either considered “simple” or “complex”.  Complex carbs come from plants and are foods such as grains, breads, pastas, beans and vegetables.   Simple carbs are basic sugars such as candy, table sugar, soft drinks, etc.  Fruits and fruit juices are in this category as well due to the natural sugars they contain.  The difference is that fruit and fruit juices have many other beneficial nutrients carried in them that are not found in candy, table sugar, soft drinks, etc. The best choice for carbs are vegetables and whole grain complex carbs, as well as fruits and 100% fruit juices.

 Reduced carbohydrate intake as a way of controlling weight became very popular in the 1970’s with release of the Atkins Diet, and had a resurgence in the early 2000s, thus starting the “low-carb diet craze”.  Though these diets began to wane in popularity a few years later, they are still a relatively popular option for weight loss.  Low-carb diets provide lists of foods based on their carbohydrate content.  Generally, the premise was to reduce as much as possible, or even eliminate, simple carbs and refined grain carbs as well, thereby reducing calories and resulting in weight loss.  A simple internet search on low-carb diets will provide you with more lists of low-carb foods than you can imagine.

 Keep in mind, while it is a good idea to curb the intake of sugary, non-nutritive simple and refined carbs often spelled out in these diets, one must be careful to note that certain fruits and vegetables unjustly end up on the “reduce” or “avoid” list many times too.  Bottom line is that fruits and vegetables are carbs, however, they are nutritive carbs with many health benefits.  Also, it isn’t advisable to eliminate entire groups of foods from the diet, rather change your proportions. Government guidelines suggest that nearly 1/2 of what you eat should be fruits and and vegetables (including beans). So, supersize your fruits and veggies and make good choices from each food group.

 On another note, all carbohydrate is broken down into glucose (sugar) in the body during digestion, and its absorption affects blood sugar levels.  If you are watching carbohydrate intake to help control blood sugar or manage diabetes, it might be helpful to check out the American Diabetes Association’s website, for information on carbohydrate counting and meal planning.


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