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Which fruits and viggies are high in vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that’s not very common in foods. The richest food sources include the flesh of salmon, tuna and mackerel, vitamin D fortified milk, and some breakfast cereals fortified with vitamin D. Smaller amounts are found in eggs and cheese. To promote adequate consumption, vitamin D has been added to many foods such as orange juice, margarine and dairy products other than milk. In addition, some mushrooms are being exposed to ultraviolet light making them a significant source of vitamin D. It can also be synthesized through the skin. Fortified 100% juices and some forms of mushrooms are the best sources of vitamin D when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Read more about vitamin D and try our Fisherman’s Salmon with Rice and Tomatoes recipe—it’s rich in vitamin D! recipe—it’s rich in vitamin D!
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