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Which is better for you veggie and fruit grown on a farm or brought from a store in a can

All fruits and vegetables originated from the earth. Both vegetables that are grown on a farm and those that are bought in a store were grown on the earth. Vegetables that are bought in the store were grown on a farm and packaged to be sold in stores. Therefore, they are both equally as good for you. The only difference between the two is the preservation methods used in those that are packaged or canned to be sold in stores. Enjoy all forms of fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen, canned, dried, and 100% juice) because they are all equally as beneficial to your health!  Top 10 Reasons to Eat More Fruits & Vegetables
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The Expert: Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, MS, RDN, is the President and CEO of the Produce for Better Health (PBH) Foundation. At PBH, she guides the Foundation’s efforts to advance the overall effort of increasing fruit and vegetable consumption.
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