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Why I Chose to Take the More Matters Pledge


About three years ago, I made the decision to take the More Matters Pledge to add one more serving of fruit and vegetables to my daily diet and it was the start of one of the smartest decisions I’d ever make.


My diet has always been rather healthy–consisting of lean protein, a decent amount of vegetables and for the most part I would stay away from processed food.  However, after learning that the more fruit and vegetables we add to our daily intake the healthier we are, I realized that I wasn’t eating as much fruit as I should and I did have other opportunties to add more variety of veggies to my diet.  I started by replacing snack food with whole fruit or replacing a cup of coffee with a cup of 100% fruit juice.  These were simple changes that resulted in big differences in how I felt and, over time, in weight loss!





After time, I stepped up my Pledge so that I was making half my plate fruit and vegetables. This not only put me in line with the USDA guidelines, but continued to streamline my weight loss.  I found it easy to make meals that were both nutritious and delicous, which were filling and filled with produce.  Since I was replacing higher calorie/fat foods with fruit and vegetables, I was naturally losing weight slowly without feeling deprived.  Since many fruit and veggies are filled with fiber, they left me feeling full and the vitamins they had provided plenty of energy.


Fast forward to today and I continue with this lifestyle–a whole 20 pounds lighter!  The added bonus is that I never considered it to be a “diet,” but instead a better, healthier way to eat.  By taking the More Matters Pledge, I’m now eating a wider variety of fruit and veggies than I ever did before, have more energy and back at a more comfortable weight that I had previously had difficulty reaching.


I would encourage you to take a look at the More Matters Pledge–to add more fruit and veggies to your diet, to eat healthier or just to feel better like me!  Fruits & Veggies–More Matters has plenty of great tips to show you how to follow through once you’ve taken the Pledge.  Start today for a healthier tomorrow.


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