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why is it important that children eat 5 fruits and veg a day??

Most children do not consume the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables everyday. Fruits and vegetables are packed with a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients such as anti-oxidants that growing children need. And establishing good eating habits, like consuming a diet high in fruits and vegetables, early on may help reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases in the future. To help get the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables every day, make about half your plate fruits and vegetables at meal times and include fruits and vegetables as quick, delicious snacks. To find out how much your child needs, go to:

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  1. My grandaughter is 9, very thin, atheletic, but she eats practically nothing. When I say nothing, while I was with her for a day she had about 2 tablespoons Cheerios and some milk. small bowl tomato soup (no bread), small egg sandwitch – that’s it.

    She has always been like this. I couldn’t sleep that night with worry. I have searched internet on “Eating disorders” but mainly this deals with teens, pre teens and their body images.

    Sarah seems not to have a body image, but she sulks at table, and suffers from headaces sometimes, and tummy ache.

    Anyone out there – how to deal with this?

    Thanks, Margot (Gran)

  2. these were my symtoms also. I was diagnosed with lactose (dairy) intolerance and also fruitose intolerance. Fruitose is found in all fruits including tomatoes, peas and many baked items contain fruitose corn syrup.

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