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Why, when so many things today are saturated with sugars, is it one of the least mentioned items in nutrion charts and recipes? I’ve been doing the South Beach diet, which limits carbs and sugars, so I really watch them. I noticed that, even in this healthy newsletter, none of the recipes references the sugar amounts. I notice the same thing in “healthy cookbook magazines, Weight Watchers”, etc. Would appreciate hearing back from you.

Added sugars are an important concern in everyone’s diet. It is hard to determine the amount of added sugar from the nutrition label alone because it doesn’t specifically list the amount of added sugar vs. naturally occurring sugar. The best way to determine if there is a lot of added sugar in a food is by reading the ingredients list. If ‘sugar’ or another form of sugar (i.e. dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, etc) is listed as being one of the first five ingredients then this means that the food contains a lot of added sugar. Our best advice is to eat whole foods (such a fruits and vegetables) whenever possible! Also, our strict recipe criteria requires that our recipes contain less than 15% of the calories coming from added sugar—try some today!
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  1. push its suppliers to do the same. Changes cdnluie eliminating trans fats, and reducing the fat, sugar and salt in many of its packaged foods. Tags: childhood obesity, Michelle Obama, packaged foods,

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