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With hard vegetables like carrots and broccoli is better to eat them raw or cooked

It is usually a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer the crunch of a raw veggie, while others prefer cooked veggies with a softer texture. Cooking can reduce some nutrient content, but it can also make some nutrients more available to the body. 
Raw veggies are a great snack to pack in a lunch box or take on the go. Put your favorite raw veggies in a container, add some dip and you have a quick, delicious and healthy snack. Cooked veggies are great as a side dish, but you can also add extra cooked veggies to egg dishes in the mornings, salads for lunch time and pasta dishes, soups and casseroles for dinner. Whether you prefer raw or cooked veggies, it just matters that you eat more!

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